Sunday, June 5, 2016

“From Selfishness to Selflessness”

That which is all knowing, every present, and everywhere, how can it be separate from us? It’s impossible for those very same reasons. Thus THAT which is out there is also in here, in our heart, in our being, it is not separate from us. Yet we believe that we are disconnected and lost, but the reality is we are never lost if we allow ourselves to listen to that which dwells within.

That great presence within is like a small candle, at first it’s very dim but with time and lots of love that candle can change into a roaring fire ablaze with light. And the more we attune ourselves to that great light, turning towards that which is our heart which tells us which way to turn… the more we find great peace and tranquility. This is what all the great saints, gurus, and sages have said for thousands of years. 
Our mind and bodily senses lead us astray, our mind and body tell us we are separate from everything. Yet how can this be if we are part of THAT which is omnipresent… again it is impossible. Yet we are more willing to believe our senses than we are to believe our heart and know without a doubt that we are ONE with that which is eternal.  
But the more we dedicate our life to love, and slowly develop a pattern of listening to that which dwells in our heart. The more we starting seeing the divine light everywhere, and we start acting on that belief thus we start helping those in need. This process also builds self-confidence and courage which makes us strong. And once we dedicate our life to that which is eternal… everything changes. 
Then we start to love all the good and honorable thoughts we have in our mind, and filter out all that which are the opposite of love. We start serving everyone with our body of flesh and blood in any way we can. By giving food to those who need food, by giving money to those who need money, by educating and expounding wisdom to those who need spiritual uplifting, and by giving love to everyone… for everyone needs love. 
The more we meditate, the more we contemplate, the more we reflect on THAT which we have within. The more we go inward to our heart and see the great light of love that resides there. We finally move from selfishness and become selfless… and thus help everyone and everything. This is the great progression of the heart that everyone eventually attunes too, it may be in this life time or the next. Or it may be hundreds of thousands of life times until one starts listening to the still small voice within. That which is God, that which is eternal, that which is ever present, and knows and sees all. 
It’s the Process of Becoming ONE with the Great Light of Love!
May we all move in that direction in this life time and change the course of humanity, and understand that we are part of the great star dusk of the multiverse.

Many Blessings to Everyone 

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