Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How to Turn Your Life into an Awesome Journey

Life can be a celebration, but many of us don’t realize it, and don’t seem to savor the beautiful moments existence is offering us as a gift each and every moment. We are wasting most of our time doing things that we don’t enjoy doing, and our way of life is having tremendous negative effects on our body and our psyche.

My experiences have taught me that we don’t have to live like this. Life can be lived in a much more beautiful way — a way that brings us joy, love, peace, and freedom. But how can one learn to live this way? Here are some powerful tips which, if properly understood and put to practice, can help you to turn your life into an awesome journey:

1. Treat your body as sacred

The body is the temple of the soul, and the better we treat it, the more we will be able to experience life in its totality. The body is intimately connected with our mind, and hence the healthier it is, the more sharp our mind is going to be. In order to keep your body healthy, be sure to eliminate cancer causing foods such as meat and processed products, and choose to eat organic, nutritious, plant-based foods instead. In addition, keep your body active, moving, and be sure to take plenty of rest when your body needs to relax and heal itself. Most importantly, re-connect with your body by paying attention to it, and once you start getting in touch with its wisdom, I assure you that it will guide you to much greater health.

2. Do what your heart is beating for

Many people, due to they way they are raised, waste their entire lives doing things they don’t care about doing, and when they grow older, their heart is filled with regrets because they never lived they way they deep down wanted to live. Just think how most adults live: they force themselves to wake up, they go to work, they come back home, they watch television for a few hours to relax themselves, and then they sleep, only to repeat the same things the very next day. What is the point of living like this? Of course, in the sick society that we are living, it is tremendously difficult to find a way to live pursuing your passion andoffering you gifts to the world, but it is the only thing worth trying, because without doing so, your life will be empty and meaningless.

3. Surround yourself with uplifting souls

They say that the friends a person has shows a lot about the kind of a person he or she is. Our friends define who we are, so we better keep close to us those who uplift us, who care for us, who pay loving attention to us and wish us from deep within their hearts all the best in life. Those who want to see us grow, relieve ourselves from our psychological burdens and wear a big smile on our face. Stay away from those who fill you with worries and conflict, and realize that some times we need to let go of those who we don’t truly connect with, no matter how much time we’ve spent with them in the past.

4. Break free from the illusion of separateness

All beings on our planet are interconnected, but, living in a culture of alienation, we feel separated from one another, and from the world. We feel lonely and insecure, in a cold world that is external to us and which is indifferent and possibly hostile to us. The more separated we feel, the more stressed we become, and afraid — afraid to open our hearts and trust people, which results in the competition and the war mentality that prevails in our society. Our worldview of separation is also contributing to the destruction of Earth. If the world is separate from us, why not control it, dominate it, and exploit it for our own personal gain? This is how we think, forgetting that we are destroying the very planet that we inhabit and sustains us. Only once we realize that we are all one, will we be able to live at peace with ourselves and our fellow human beings, as well as in harmony with the natural world.
Source: theunboundedspirit by Sofo Archon

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