Our Spirit Awake is devoted to the journey of raising your consciousness by "feeding your Mind, Body and Soul".

This journey is not only yours but mine, for we are on this journey together as we are all connected on an energetic level.  It is my hope that you will find this site useful, informative, inspiring, and educational, and that you not only refer to it often but share it frequently with your friends, family and anyone else that is on a spiritual journey. Once you are aware, you are awakened a little more.  There was a time when blind faith was the norm, and those telling you something didn’t have such a big motive for telling it. The time has come to turn our backs to this norm; find health in well-being, happiness in-purpose, non-confrontational love of all things. A mind where there is balance among all things.

Below is HOW the site will feed and anchored purpose. We have to take things with a child like mind, one of discovery and curiosity.

Mind will be articles which may be controversial and hard truths. Part of the awakened process is about awareness, as you become aware, you grow in wisdom.  Wisdom knows not to fall into the trap our minds have been trained to play out.  Petty drama’s of meaningless distraction, raising our emotions in negative patterns. Our western world is build on social iconography; that person is a this or a that; generally defined by what they do for a living. Awakening involves a material mindset of consumption; is wasteful and unsustainable.  You’re told happiness resides in “things”; our information leads to the truth; happiness resides within.  Wisdom teaches us without examination what we might learn; is foolishness disguised as fact. The old phase “question everything”.

Body will be articles about healthy living be it food environment etc.  We are what we eat, and for the body to be happy, a happy environment is a big part. Awareness of how your body is reacting, feeling, how to feed it and nurture it.

Soul will be articles articles about spiritual and personal growth as well as uplifting positive things. The soul is a part of us we don’t see.  But our light body is as real as the nose on your face.  There are those whom can see it and it can be photographed.  Though most can’t see it, we know when we use different modalities to magnify what we’re viewing, the unseen can be seen. Your soul can be cleaned up, tuned up and made shining like a new penny. That’s where the phrase soul work comes to play; it is not through the “magic of osmosis” your soul-shines, it is by concerted effort of wisdom, understanding and right living. The Soul is our never ending self a part that does not die.

By expanding mind, our body and our soul you may experience feelings you have not before.  Feeling is a big part of awakening, let your emotion flow, don’t shut them off.  Awaken your feelings, the hundreds of senses denied you; we are multi-dimensional beings and we deny the very nature of who and what we are. You have awareness, cognition's, feeling and perceptions, so use them. Many are having mystical experiences and don’t know how to explain it. Open yourself to being something greater. 


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