Thursday, July 14, 2016

Resources - Space Weather

Space Weather

This is another great resource for learning and observing what is happening daily between the Sun’s and Earth’s atmospheres.  Do you know when the next geomagnetic storm is hitting earth?  And how strong is it?  How will it affect you?  The latest in sun spot activity, coronal holes and the most recent solar flares, this site is updated daily.  How does the Earth respond to these events? 

Along with current conditions of the solar wind and an aurora watch, this site also has daily results of meteoritic fireballs and comets.  It also reports near earth asteroids.  On April 10, 2014 there were 1,465 potentially hazardous asteroids.  

Other great features on this site are spectacular real time photo galleries of auroras, comets, and space weather. There are a lot of photographers with their eyes on the skies capturing phenomenal pictures of things I didn’t know about.  And space weather explains them in laymen’s terms.

Another fun thing - You might want to click on Flybys and put in your zip code to see if the space station and what satellites will be overhead for the next seven days.

I look at this as another aspect of learning how we fit into this awesome realm.  Science is spiritual.  Observing the dynamic and intertwined relationship between our Mother Earth and the Sun, and our interplanetary environment, certainly makes one wonder about creation.


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