Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A World of Solutions: The U.N. Climate Sequel

A week after the short film What's Possible opened the U.N. Climate Summit, Lyn Lear and director Louie Schwartzberg are back with a sequel that expands on their vision for climate change solutions.

Lear wrote in The Huffington Post:

Director Louie Schwartzberg and I had similar visions about the beauty and natural violence of evolution and the millions of years it took before human beings arrived on this planet. Then beginning with the Industrial Revolution, in less than two hundred years, man had almost brought this beautiful, complex creation to the brink of extinction. Inconceivable…right?

We wanted to show that we are still in peril, but more, we have the means to solve our problems in the present. There are many reasons to be optimistic and hopeful.

Part of that hope was to make a comparison of the semi-conscious mycelium root/soil system of the earth that feeds all plant life to the burgeoning Internet-connected global society we are evolving into today. If we could learn to use the Internet and mass media wisely we could be a powerful means for good and for progress. 

Learn more about climate change, and take action at

A World of Solutions was created by a team including director Louie Schwartzberg, producer Lyn Davis Lear, writer Andrew Dickson, Moving Art Studio, and the Lear Family Foundation.

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