Tuesday, April 19, 2016

American Cancer Society - More Interested In Accumulating Wealth Than Saving Lives

Spring is upon us and we all know what that means?  It's "find a cure for cancer season", yes you read that right, spring is the time when we start getting bombarded with various groups holding fund raisers to raise money to "find a cure for cancer".  It's always a race or a run to portray a sense of urgency. You'll see pictures with people holding signs that say "Helping Beat Cancer One Step at a Time", "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer", "Together We Can Find A Cure" and many others.

 Let me ask you this since it's "reorganization" in 1945 (the ACS was actually founded in 1913) has the American Cancer Society come any closer to finding an actual cure for cancer?  What are they REALLY doing to find a cure?  What are they REALLY doing with all the money that is donated.u

I will tell you right now that they are more interested in making money than curing cancer.  There are indeed cures for cancer available and even effective prevention methods visit The Truth About Cancer to read more.

Before you attend one more event or give another dollar to fighting cancer I urge you to read the attached article.  It's eye opening and will shine light on The American Cancer Society's dirty little secret. ~Todd

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