Thursday, July 7, 2016

5 Spiritual Beliefs You Should Drop Today

Your thoughts do not automatically manifest reality
A guy I used to practice yoga with would often tell me that he could change the physical attributes of his body through meditation.  While I do not doubt the powers of meditation, expecting your thoughts to manifest things in reality is naive.
Your thoughts undoubtedly affect you, be it in a good or bad way, because they’re fluid and fleeting.  They never actually become reality until we take action and put in the effort.

It’s just my karma
Trying to come up with an explanation for everything that happens to you in life is normal, every human tries to justify the current events, thoughts, emotions and feelings that they’re currently experiencing in life.  Thus, blaming karma for the difficult times in life makes sense, as it’s an explanation as to why things are kind of terrible at the moment.  
The truth is that life is filled with ups and downs, and when you find yourself down it’s not always because of something bad that you did in the past; sometimes life is just crappy.
My problems exist because of my negativity
A common belief in modern culture right now is that any poor circumstance you find yourself in is likely a result of your poor attitude and the negative energy you’re putting out into the world.  
While there is truth in saying that negativity is a waste of time and energy and that you close yourself off to many things by being negative, no one has complete dominion over reality.  Terrible situations often occur simply because that’s the nature of the world.  Do you think those who live in third world countries believe that their struggles are due to negative thoughts?
You cannot be spiritual when angry, afraid or envious
Recognizing and understanding that there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action is vital lesson to learn in life.  There is no light without darkness, no happiness without sadness, no good without bad.  
Acknowledge your darker emotions for what they are: part of your being.  There is much to gain from understanding that sometimes you just need to revel in them to fully benefit from them.
You can evaluate how spiritual a person is by their outward appearance
As humans, we naturally try to find ways to measure and analyze things, especially when it comes to other people.  I’m assuming this is why social media is so popular, because you get to create an image of yourself that others get to judge.  But truly knowing where a person lies on their spiritual journey is difficult, and it will never be fully displayed by someone’s outward appearance regardless of how much they try to exude an image of wealth, status, or power. 
Try your best not to compare yourself to others because there’s no possible way you could fully understand the subjective experience of someone else’s life, just as they cannot fully understand yours.

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