Thursday, May 12, 2016

Prayers and Mantras for Chakra Healing

Words have incredible healing power, if used with loving intention. You can use specific words to heal – such as “love” and “thank you” but you can also go a step further and use a prayer, or a mantra, to impart the energy of the words you’re using in a very resonant and soothing way, to promote healing.
A mantra is a short phrase that is repeated over and over again, usually aloud, so that you can feel the vibration in your throat. For example, OM is one of the most widely recognized sounds and if you let the “m” resonate in your throat, it creates an amazing vibration throughout your whole body. You can use any word, or short phrase, as a mantra. “I am love,” “Om,” “Thank you…” Don’t think that a mantra has to be in Sanskrit or any language that you do not speak. While those words do have spiritual meaning because of their vibration, so does the same word in the language that you normally speak – again, if said with loving intention.
A prayer is usually a longer phrase, and if you offer a prayer of thanks (as opposed to a prayer of asking), it becomes extremely powerful. Gratitude and love are the two most powerful positive energies, so use them liberally in healing!
Here are a few chakra balancing prayers: say these every day for a month, and see how your life changes!


My root chakra is balanced and it supports my stability, safety and sense of belonging. Thank you for courage. I am confident in my place in the world.
My sacral chakra is balanced and it supports my creativity and appreciation of life. Thank you for the energy of joy, fun and sensuality. I am open to more abundance and joy.
My solar plexus chakra is now balanced and it supports my sense of self-love and self-worth. Thank you for my strong belief in me. I am connected to universal power and I use this power with loving intention.
My heart chakra is now balanced and it supports my relationships with myself and with others. I am made of love, I am full of love and compassion, and I freely give and receive unconditional love. I gratefully follow my heart and my true path.
My brow chakra is now balanced and it supports my life by allowing me to see the big picture and to allow myself to be guided by intuition. Thank you for helping me to remember to see the best in everyone and every situation.
My crown chakra is now balanced and it supports me as a being of light and love. Thank you for joy and peace, and unconditional love toward all beings.
Remember that when you say these words, to be in a joyful and peaceful state and say them with the most loving intention. It’s best to say these prayers in the morning before the “drama train” of negative thoughts leaves the station and you get distracted. The whole practice can take just minutes, but for best results you can extend it, repeating the series seven or more times, slowly, allowing yourself to feel the truth in the words you speak.

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